Greet Your Guests with a New Entryway Door

With a new entryway door, you can customize the look of your home without having to spend a lot of money. Make an impact with a brand new door for less. Whether you want a bold, modern door or an inviting, traditional wooden door – the CT home improvement contractors at Peter L. Brown can give you the look you want at a price you can afford.

Greet Your Guests with an Inviting Wooden Door

To have a traditional, inviting door to welcome guests to your home – we have the perfect rich looking wooden doors. For a natural, warm appearance, this door is the perfect choice. You can get less expensive woods to top grade walnut and fir woods. The high-end materials make sturdy doors and are usually thicker which helps with insulation and seasonal changes.

Impress with the Energy Efficient Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass gives a realistic wood appearance at a more reasonable cost. The energy efficient door will impress while saving you money on energy. It is available in 7 stain finishes from our beautiful cherry series to our classic looking mahogany series. The strong material is engineered to prevent denting, cracking, warping and rotting. With striking details and a customizable frame, the fiberglass doors are everything you would need from an entryway door.

Protect Your Home with the Durable Steel Entry Doors

With steel entry doors, the embossed finished and deep shadow lines add modern design with character while also securing your home. The rich contouring lines add subtle detail that will be noticed by all. Steel doors are low maintenance, energy efficient and have a high definition design. Our steel doors are filled with foam for maximum insulation, strength and energy efficiency.

Here at Peter L. Brown, you can get a durable, energy efficient door all with a great appearance. Whether you want a steel, fiberglass, wooden or even a patio door Hartford CT – you can have a quality door at a great price. Contact Peter L. Brown today for an inviting entry door that will impress all. 

Redesigning Your Exterior with Peter L. Brown Materials

Here at Peter L. Brown, we are the professional siding, roofing and window company in Hartford County. We are the professionals that homeowners can trust, and we provide our customers with the best in quality materials and craftsmanship. Over the years, our company has built up an impressive reputation in Connecticut, and we proudly stand by our work.

Homeowners today expect a lot from their exterior projects. They want to make sure they are getting hassle-free low-maintenance products with quality craftsmanship and great product performance. Luckily, with Peter L. Brown – you are getting all of that and more! With our vinyl siding, vinyl windows and roofing; you can have a beautiful exterior to your home at a great price. Whether you need replacement doors Hartford CT or a new roofing application, we are the number one exterior home re-modelers in Connecticut.

Our siding choices with vinyl are great for a low-maintenance application, that last for decades. It does not need to be repainted, and only needs a light cleaning with soap and water once a year. You will not have a ‘staggered’ look like many other siding applications. The siding will not overlap; it will be smooth and seamless.

triplesmoothFor roofing Granby CT, you can have shingles that stay virtually the same color even after ten years. The color will not fade, there is no discoloration and algae will not grow due to the Scotchgard Protector feature in Atlas Roof Shingles. It’s very easy to overlook your roof, and this is an unfortunate mistake that many people make. Once your roof has a small problem it can become a much bigger problem – and quickly. If you aren’t checking your roof annually, then you are risking the health of your roof and your home.

For another dramatic change to your home, why not add brand-new, picturesque windows? For quality windows, try custom made windows made with the superior Mastic Vinyl application. We have everything from sliding and picture windows to awning and casement windows. We also have many different colors for our Mastic Vinyl windows that also match the colors of our Mastic Vinyl siding. Contact Peter L. Brown today for professional exterior products at affordable prices.


Keeping Your Home Warm in the Coldest Months

Since we are still experiencing winter weather, it is important to keep your home at a comfortable, warm temperature. To combat cool air from getting into your home, there are quite a few things you can do for prevention.You may not realize all the spaces that cold air can enter your home. Have the siding, roofing and window experts at Peter L. Brown look at your home to see how you can save on energy.

Adding New Doors  and Windows to Prevent Air Drafts

If your doors are older chances are there may be air leaking from underneath or on the sides of the door or through cracks in windows. It only takes a little space alongside the door for cool air to get in and cause your energy bills to rise. Getting new doors or window replacement in Hartford CT from Peter L. Brown gives you access to the latest energy-efficient models on the market. Our fiberglass doors have the lowest heat conduction for any entry door in the U.S. For an energy efficient door that provides top of the line insulation, try one of our Provia doors today.

Don’t Neglect the Rest of your Home

If you are searching for roofing in Hartford CT, Peter. L Brown has new Atlas Roofing Shingles to help your roof from discoloring or needing to be power washed. It features a Scotchgard protector to prevent moisture, algae, mold, and streaks on the roof.  Roofs are often, and easily, overlooked as many minor problems go unnoticed until they turn into major problems. A proper roof will help to keep your house warm, but any leaks that go unnoticed may cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Many people overlook their roof just because it is out of sight. This does not mean that you should not inspect your roof every year for potential issues. Keeping your roof in good shape by purchasing durable shingles is one step in improving the look and efficiency of your home. With reliable roofing contractors from Peter L. Brown, you can have a quality roof material installed by someone you can trust.

So, if you are looking for ways to stay warm in throughout the winter, starting with your roof and windows is always a good idea. With these areas, you can pinpoint areas of weakness so you can increase indoor comfort, experience warmer indoor temperatures and have a decrease in energy bills. Contact Peter L. Brown today for a full-service exterior home company that you can trust!


Trust Peter L. Brown To Make The Home Improvements You’ve Always Wanted

Patio doors are a great addition to any home. They bring in extra light and often come in beautiful designs that give an elegant style. If you are stuck between purchasing a French door or a sliding door, know that sliding doors may sometimes have more benefits. Sliding doors give off a more modern look, take a look at the full collection of sliding doors for Hartford CT from Peter L. Brown. Sliding doors are easier to adjust than French doors and are less expensive. They both have a multipoint locking system, but sliding doors take up much less room than French doors. In fact, when both panels on the French door are fully extended, it creates a very large opening. So, sliding doors tend to have more benefits than the French door, but it comes down to preference and style as well.


If you are looking for roofing in Hartford CT, Peter L. Brown has all different types of roofing applications and materials to make your roof last. We have a special roofing application by Atlas roofing with Scotchgard Protector. It keeps your roof looking brand new year after year, say goodbye to dirty roofs. It prevents algae from forming and does not have to be chemically cleaned or power washed. Most people take care of their roof when they have a major problem. Many roofing problems can only be detected by a professional roofer. An annual roof inspection will make sure that your roof is in good shape to last a long time. 

Peter L. Brown is an experienced roofing contractor that supplies our customers with reliable and durable roofing materials. We help our customers to create their ideal home at reasonable prices. We build our customer confidence through our quality craftsmanship. A full-service exterior home remodeling can be yours at a low price without sacrificing quality. Contact Peter L. Brown today and find out the true value of home improvements.

The perfect Exterior Renovations for Your Home

If you are looking to remodel the exterior of your home, Peter L. Brown is the roofing, window and siding expert in the Hartford, CT area. You can have a beautiful, custom-made  piece for your house within a short period of time. You can increase the curb appeal of your home, without spending a lot of money.

Windows and Doors

A great material for windows and Doors would be vinyl siding because it is durable and easy to maintain. Other materials for windows like wood need to be repainted, are hard to maintain and often are exposed to mold and pests that can make the wood rot. Like wood, vinyl siding is just as energy efficient. You can likely save a lot of money on your energy bills within a few years with vinyl siding. Homeowners who use vinyl windows and doors find that they truly last a lifetime. They resist scratching, damage, mold and dirt – which will show up on wood.


If you are looking for an alternative to moldy and dirty roofs, then Atlas Roof shingles with Scotchgard Protector. They prevent streaking from algae and discoloration. If you want a strong roof, visiting a professional roofer for yearly inspections will help you to protect your investment for years to come. The dimensional shingles used at Peter L. Brow come in 13 different colors and are much more attractive looking than asphalt shingles. For superior resistance to weathering, try Atlas Roof Shingles today.


If you need to upgrade your siding to a newer, more secure material – then vinyl siding is the choice for you. It is very low maintenance, and only requires a light cleaning with soap and water annually. Many types of siding show where the siding ends, which creates an ‘overlapping’ effect. With Peter L. Brown vinyl siding, it is seamless and you will just have a smooth finish.

So if you are interested in upgrading your exterior to reliable materials, contact Peter L. Brown today. For reasonably priced materials that will have a long life, try any of our vinyl siding materials. In the past 30 years, the vinyl siding industry has boomed and has shown to be a reliable material and easier to manage material over the years.


The Siding, Roofing and Window Professionals of Hartford, CT

If you are looking for roofing services in the Hartford County area, Peter L. Brown is the right contractor for you. With years of experience as a siding, roofing and window company, we can provide you with the best technological advances in the industry. As a home improvement company that homeowners can trust, we know that we will be able to help you create the home of your dreams.

Mastic Vinyl Siding is the Perfect Choice for Homeowners

Here at Peter L. Brown, we are the leader for seamless vinyl siding in Hartford CT, to make your home have a dramatic change and curb appeal. The low-maintenance application will help you to achieve the desired look in little to no time. The affordable mastic vinyl siding has been trusted by homeowners and contractors alike for over 70 years. Mastic comes custom made in many different colors that compliment vinyl windows.

Roof Designs that Prevent Streaking and Algae

pexels-photo-280221For our roof designs, we like to use Atlas Roof Shingles with Scotchgard Protector which prevents streaking, damage or discoloration for residential roofing in Hartford, CT. Many roofs in high humidity areas, including Connecticut, have problems with algae growth. But, the Atlas Roof shingles prevent algae from forming with a material inside called copper granules. You do not need to power wash or chemically clean your roof, as these shingles prevent streaks and algae growth. You can expect your roof to look just as good ten years down the road from being installed.

Replacement Doors that Are More than Just an Entryway

If it has been a while since you have replaced something on your home, why not replace your door? First impressions with homes are very important, especially if you are looking to sell in a few years. A new door not only adds curb appeal, but also will help to lower energy bills. With our Provia Entry Doors, you secure your home, lower energy bills, and improve interior comfort with its Energy Star Certification. Choose from different woods, styles and colors to add character to your home to set your home apart from others for years to come. Contact Peter L. Brown today to improve your home with exterior solutions that improve the reliability and beauty of your space.

How to Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home

When focusing on increasing the curb appeal of your home, realtors will often tell you that brand new appliances or a new kitchen are the best options. While this may be true for the interior of your home, the exterior has a lot of potential for increasing your home’s value.


The Exterior

The exterior of your home is the first thing people will look at when searching for homes, so make sure it is in good condition. If the people trying to buy a house do not like the exterior of a home, then what incentive do they have to go further and look into the interior of the home. The interior can be extravagant, with state-of-the-art appliances, but with a lacking exterior, your home’s value will go down.



Taking care of one’s lawn is not everybody’s forte, and that’s okay. Attempting to put a little extra effort into the yard with flowers in the spring, or shrubs and trees in the fall, will spruce up the look of your home from the outside. If you would like a professional opinion, go to your local home improvement store to ask about different costs of plants, and what will thrive best with the type of soil you have. You may also want to look into landscaping services to have your front lawn professionally done.


Power Washing

If your home has not had the exterior power washed in five years, it is important that you do so. Washing the exterior panels and the windows will make your house shine! According the the National Association of Realtors, “A pressure washed home can add $10,000 – $15,000 to the sale price.”


Replacing Exterior Doors and Shutters

The front door is an important door to start with since it is front facing to the view of the home buyer. A brand new door often appeals to customers, and an old, worn-down door would turn customers off from entering the home. Shutters that are broken can make the house look cheap from the outside. A brand new door or new shutters will appeal to customers, who will potentially be interested in your home!


Install New Windows
Old windows can turn off potential customers right away. Starting off with brand new front windows, will not only give your home a clean finish, but will also creative an attractive curb appeal to the home. Shutters that frame the windows will give your home a finished look from the exterior view. Adding a finishing touch of a flower box will add just enough curb appeal for the potential customers to want to see more on the inside!

When to Replace Your Doors

The Benefits of Sliding Doors

The versatility of sliding doors is what makes them a hot item for many homeowners. They are a great feature for any home, and add simply beauty. Here are the top three reasons they are such a requested item:




The problem with many doors is that they are not a good source of natural light. Many doors do not even have a window, or if they do, it is a very small window. A sliding door is made of glass and provides enough natural light to a room to not require a traditional fluorescent light. You can replace an old solid door with a sliding door, and you will see a drastic change in the amount of light you receive in your home.


Better Outdoor Views


The beauty of sliding doors is that they can give you a really great view of your yard. A solid door prohibits the wide view that you will only get from a sliding door. This will create both a beautiful interior and exterior space. You can enjoy the outdoor views from glistening snow to sunny weather, without having to step foot outside.


Space Management


Because this is a visual feature, this aspect of sliding doors is often overlooked. Sliding doors do not need room to open, which is a huge plus when trying to save space. Swinging doors will require space and also caution to not place objects behind the door. With sliding doors, you have space for decorative objects, furniture and plants without having to worry. When dealing with tight spaces, sliding doors are always the best option.

Getting new doors for your home is an investment, but it is important to make that investment count. By adding doors that not only provide beauty but also add light and save space, you are looking at a door that will stay beautiful for decades to come. Contact us today to get to see a list of doors we offer to make your home investment count!

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