Make Sure Your Gutters are Clean This Winter

Although there are a thousand better ways to spend a Sunday afternoon, you cannot enjoy your day-off if you haven’t cleaned your gutters yet. The gutters are an essential part of your house, and you need to ensure that they function properly.

Winter is a time of the year when you need to clean the gutters before the snow falls and the gutters block. The transition from autumn to winter is the best time to clean a gutter. Ignoring or undermining the significance of cleaning the gutter means that you will have to deal with countless leaks and overflows when the winter season is over.

“Winter is Coming’ is the iconic catchphrase of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. The phrase applies perfectly in this case as winter is the time to get your house in order. The debris, water, and leaves will freeze once the temperature drops. This means that the water will seep through your roof once it melts, as it will have nowhere to go.

This can lead to expensive repairs and further problems with the drainage. Unclean gutters also compromise the health of your family and loved ones. The dirt in the gutter will become the ideal breeding ground for various contaminants that can spread to the other parts of your home.

Members of your family who are vulnerable to asthma or allergies will be affected by the increase in harmful mold, spores, and mildew in the air. Cleaning the gutters before the winter season allows you to get rid of all the contaminants. Additionally, it also enables you to assess whether the gutter is stable enough to withstand the terrible cold outdoors.

Although gutter cleaning may seem like a DIY endeavor, it is always a great idea to contact a professional for the job. A professional will have the ability to provide full-service gutter maintenance to the home and replace yours if they’re not up to the task!

Gutter Protection is an Important Part of Home Maintenance

Protecting your gutters, especially in the summer, is an important aspect of a healthy home. Spring weather delivers a lot of rain, putting your gutters under a lot of stress and increasing the potential for structural damage in the process. Since rain seeps off of the roof into the gutters, the gutters take most of the rain, eventually clogging gutters with debris. This can lead to everything from pest infestation to leaks and cracks, potentially costing you a lot of money. For any gutter issues, our Hartford CT roofers at Peter L. Brown can help to solve the problem.

Summer is another season that will take a toll on your gutter system. This is why is is important to keep up with gutter protection in Hartford CT. What causes the most damage to gutters in the summer is the intense heat and summer storms. It is important to keep your gutters clean after storms. With gutter protection you’ll have clean gutters that are free of debris and prevent structural damage to your home.

Every season has a different effect on gutters, especially the fall. Fall gathers leaves and dirt in the gutters which in turn will quickly clog gutters and prevent them from properly functioning. If gutters are clogged, then water along with a build up of debris will overflow into the foundation of your home. If you are trying to save money by skipping on gutter maintenance this year, you may be in for a rude awakening if your gutters overflow into your foundation. This will damage your building’s structure, causing rot, mold build up – costing you a lot of extra money!

Protect your home by protecting your gutters with a leaf guard and gutter protection system from Peter L. Brown. We are here to help you to keep your gutters clean and the water flowing to prevent a buildup of debris. Proper gutter health means proper home health!


Window and Gutter Installation in Hartford CT

If you are looking for exterior renovation services for your home in the Hartford, CT area – then Peter L. Brown is your home remodeling solution. From windows and doors to gutters and siding, a company could not be more versatile in home exterior projects. Since 1960, Peter L. Brown has dedicated their business to helping customers in the hartford area give their home a great curb appeal with a more efficient design.

Window Replacement

One of our specialties here at Peter L. Brown is window replacement. Our vinyl replacement windows are made with Mastic Vinyl that not only look professional but also uphold to weathering. They will last for years without color fade or wear – and will maximize your home’s curb appeal.

Gutter Installation and Repair

Gutters are often a feature of the home that goes unnoticed. gutterPeople do not often see the consequences of a clogged gutter, and often brush it to the side as not being a serious issue. If the clogged gutter is ignored for enough time, it will cause water to leak into the interior of your home and cause rot and moisture – a breeding ground for pests. By installing a gutter system that prevents materials to get in to cause it to clog, you will be able to better protect your home. With either the Berger Seamless Gutter or Klean Gutter systems – you can prepare your home for the harsh elements that invade a gutter system.

So if you are looking to upgrade your exterior to better and more efficient products, contact Peter L. Brown today. By upgrading old windows and gutters, you can help to save your home on energy and future repair bills. Prevention is the best way to avoid costly repairs, and with new windows and gutters from Peter L. Brown, costly repairs are unlikely to happen.

7 ways to Get Your Roof Winter-Ready

1.  Air Leaks – If there are any air leaks in your home be sure to cover them up before the cold air gets through. Leaks are what causes more than one third of energy use. Be sure to look carefully at walls, outlets, ceilings, windows, doors, vents, etc. Even the most minescule hole in the wall can cost you a lot of money.

2. Finish the Basement and Attic – Without insulation in the basement or the attic, a large amount of energy will be lost. The best time to finish one of these areas is before the winter, and before overspending to heat a house with inadequate insulation in the winter.

3. Repair/ Replace Your Roof – Your roof needs to be strong enough for the upcoming winter storms. If it is not stable to handle ice damming and snow piling on top, then it is time to get a roof consultation. Your roof is your home’s primary barrier against element’s, so when it is compromised, a lot of damage can be done.

4. Repair loose Shingles – Impending snow storms can further deteriorate shingles, and damage them to the point of no repair. It is easier to repair a few shingles than to re-do the whole roof.

p_00165. Window Repair or Energy Efficient Window Treatments – Windows are an important part of saving energy during the harsh winter months. Ensuring your windows are designed specifically for winter, and using cellular shades is a way to save on energy. One little open space in your windows can cost you a lot of money in extra heating that could have been preserved with newer windows.

6. Clean out and Repair Gutters – Cleanout & Repair Gutters – Cleaning gutters is important because you do not want them to get clogged when the snow falls. You want the gutters to be able to filter out water and snow seamlessly. After cleaning out the gutters, you should be able to see if there are any dings or cracks in the gutter. If there are a lot of these, if can hinder the flow of the water. We would gladly be willing to evaluate your gutters, and repair or replace them if needed.

7. Exterior Fixes – – Finding where cracks on the outside of your home where cold air can seep through, is a good way to determine if you need to repair your siding. Raking leaves from your yard will prevent ice dams. Clearing out leaves from your gutters will leave them open, and prevent pests like ants. A leaking gutter can leak water into the walls and rot the wood. Another wise home improvement is to fill in cracks on the driveways and sidewalks before the ice fills them in. .

10 Signs for Gutter Replacement

Gutters are usually made from sturdy materials like steel or aluminum, offering for an optimum lifespan of at least 20 years. For many people who move into an older home, they would not know when the gutters were installed. This poses a problem for many homeowners – knowing the tell tale signs for when it is necessary for a gutter change. Even if you purchased your gutters recently, the few decades of lifespan gutters are guaranteed does not account for damage from storms and tree limbs. So, how exactly do people know when to fix their gutters?

1. Visible Damage – If you see holes, cracks or rusting, this is a sign your gutters need attention. If there are not too many visible imperfections, a sealant will do. But, if there are many imperfections – you should consider a total gutter replacement.

2. Broken Fasteners – Fasteners keep your gutters stable and held into position. If there are a few fasteners broken, you can just repair the fasteners. If there are many broken, your issue probably lies within the gutter.

3. Nails and Screws Falling Out – If there are a few nails and screws that have become loose or completely fell out, then they can be replaced. Too many of this instance can wear out the gutter.

4. Gutters that Separate – Gutters that are breaking away from one another means they need to be fixed. They are only able to work when connected properly.

5. Sagging Gutters – A gutter will sag if it is not pitched correctly, which will direct water in a different direction and may pour over. This may mean you need a gutter replacement.

6. Paint Peeling – Peeling paint from the exterior of your house around gutters is a sign that the gutters are moving away from the house, causing water to seep into the trim. This can mean your gutters were doing this for a while, which will often mean you need a gutter replacement.

7. Dirt or water build up – After a rain storm, water can build up and leak out from your gutters. You can fix this problem, but if it persists, a gutter replacement is usually mandatory.

8. Yard Erosion – More and more money will be invested into your yard when problems occur with your gutters. If this is a common occurrence, it is best to replace your gutters.

9. Gutters breaking off from the Roof – Fasteners to secure your gutter will do much of a difference if your gutters are breaking away from the roof. If the space gets larger, it can mean the fascia boards are rotting. Gutter replacements will resolve the fascia problem.

10. Basement Flooding – Water that is continuously pouring into your foundation can leak into your basement. This can cost a lot of money from damage expenses, which will mean you should replace your gutters to save from further costs.

Having the piece of mind with new gutters and investing a little extra money can save you in the long run. Along with avoiding hefty repair bills, you are saving time and avoiding any worries! So contact us today for avoiding gutter repair or replacement to avoid further gutter damage.